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A Home-based Business Franchise
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Personal Freedom

Owning a Young Rembrandts franchise means the freedom to control your work-life balance; freedom to take control of your finances and what's provided to your family; and freedom to feel good about what you do every day.

Control Work-Life Balance

  • TRUE Home-Based model offers a flexible, family-friendly lifestyle
  • Model follows school-year calendar in addition to summer scheduling opportunities - kiss your corporate hours good-bye and gain flexibility

Feel Good about What You Do

  • Every minute you work - is a minute worked for you
  • TRULY ENJOY what you do, and make a difference doing it
  • Make a positive impact in the lives of children, education, and in your community

Make Time for Success

  • Achieve your personal and financial goals
  • Thrive in any economy - Provide affordable classes to parents who statistically put education first on their list of expenditures, and to communities seeking to bring back the arts to their school systems
  • Be a community leader with the largest exclusive territory in the industry
  • Join a community of like-minded franchise owners whose businesses are backed by a 20 year proven model and a team of experts dedicated to their success

If you're a business-minded entrepreneur, ready to give yourself personal freedom, we welcome the opportunity to tell you more about the opportunities at Young Rembrandts!

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