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Summer 2015
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Welcome to Young Rembrandts!

The Power of Drawing

Drawing is the fundamental skill of the visual arts that can - and should - be learned by all children.

Young Rembrandts teaches the drawing skills children need while developing learning skills that give children an academic advantage in the classroom.

Location & Contact

Michele Foshee
21404 Rabbits Glen Court
Germantown, MD 20876

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The Power of Art

Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.
~Henry Ward Beecher

With Young Rembrandts, you are bound to be proud of your child's achievements! We have something for kids of all ages 4-12.

Don't have classes at your school yet?  Contact us to get started.

Children Need Art. 

Research points to a strong correlation between involvement in the arts and achievement in the classroom.

Art is Powerful.

Unleashing that power in young people begins with drawing, the fundamental skills of all visual arts.

Young Rembrandts offers children a world of opportunity to develop skills, confidence, and knowledge.  Participating in Young Rembrandts provides children with a comprehensive art literacy that serves them well, not just at the drawing table, but in school and on into adulthood.

Choose the enrichment program that delivers the academic advantage.  Choose Young Rembrandts.

We are currently conducting classes in the Frederick and Montgomery County areas.  After school programs are being offered at elementary schools.  We also offer classes at pre-schools and community and recreation centers.  Contact us to get classes started near you!

View our online class listings by clicking Find A Class.


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