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Young Rembrandts - Metro Vancouver, British Columbia

Come Draw With Us!

The Power of Drawing

Drawing is the fundamental skill of the visual arts that can - and should - be learned by all children.

Young Rembrandts teaches the drawing skills children need while developing learning skills that give children an academic advantage in the classroom.

Young Rembrandts is an art enrichment program that has given the power of drawing to thousands of young artists across the US and Canada! And now, we're excited to bring that power to the students in Vancouver, Burnaby and North Shore communities!


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What do we do?  In each week's new, exciting (and kid-tested!) lesson, we use a step-by-step method that assures every student is a creative success.  As we learn and use technical drawing skills, we discover that all complex objects can be broken down into familiar shapes; then use problem solving skills, innovation, and imagination to put them all together into eye-popping masterpieces!

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What Parents are Saying...   

"My daughter really enjoys the art class! She is now teaching the drawings she learned each week to her grandmother!!" - Laurie (Buckingham Elementary, Burnaby)

"Both my children were super happy with the class, the content and timeframe were both perfect! It was such a pleasure to arrive a little early and watch [our son] dancing, singing and smiling as he finished the finer details of his artwork." - Stephanie (Jules Quesnel Elementary, Vancouver)

" daughter loves the class and it has been so good for her... this class has really helped her with her desire to go to school on Thursdays!" - Emma (Norma Rose Point Elementary,Vancouver)

" 8 year old daughter has really enjoyed the classes. She likes the topics and it is great that they can complete a whole project in one class and that many different age groups can have success with the same project!" - Janice (Lord Kitchener Elementary, Vancouver)                                         

"...[My son] loves the drawing class by the way and I can already see a lot of improvement in his drawings. The teacher seems wonderful too!" - Cora (Bayview Elementary, Vancouver)

"Thanks for the great art instruction and all the wonderful artwork coming home! The girls both really enjoy the class." - Heather (Montecito Elementary, Burnaby)

"...[My son] is very proud of his own artwork posted on the school display board. Thanks again for teaching a group of children with a wide range of art background and at the same time keeping each one engaged in an interest-provoking piece of work! - Katherine (Maple Grove Elementary, Vancouver)

"Thank you for organising and teaching the class. [My son] is very excited to come to class every time." - Syune (Ecole Jule Quesnel Elementary, Vancouver)

"Great way to introduce Art to children and installing confidence.The teachers are very attentive and professional." - Patty (Montecito Elementary, Burnaby)

"Thank you for the lessons. [My daughter] loved it!" - Katy (Maple Grove Elementary, Vancouver)

A Grandmother's Testimonial...

"When my granddaughter approach me about taking your course, I tried to distract her from mentioning it again. I really didn't want to disappoint her as I knew that her skills  were negligible and non existent and the complete opposite to her very artistic mother.
I registered her for your program albeit reluctantly and really not expecting much.
Lo and behold she enjoyed your program and came home with interesting projects (which she said she made without tracing!).
She can draw objects quite fast and with such pride and pleasure that makes me so happy. She asked me again to register for the next program which this time I did right away no questions asked. She actually also wants to take your program in the summertime, and if it does not interfere with her other activities, I will do it gladly !!!!

Thank you so much for providing my granddaughter with so much joy!!!!!
From a very grateful grandmother at Emily Carr Elementary School." - Belle (Vancouver)


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Questions about our programs? Please contact or call 604-448-8883.

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