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Joanne Kudo
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Young Rembrandts - North Orange County, California

Come Draw With Us!

The Power of Drawing

Drawing is the fundamental skill of the visual arts that can - and should - be learned by all children.

Young Rembrandts teaches the drawing skills children need while developing learning skills that give children an academic advantage in the classroom.

Welcome to Young Rembrandts in North Orange County!



Fall is in full swing and that means new sessions are running now! Whether preschool, elementary a Young Rembrandts class in the North Orange County area is a fun & educational way for kids to express their inner artist.


If you haven't registered yet, there is still time!


At Young Rembrandts we teach children to draw - the fundamental skill of all visual arts - using a sequential, ordered process. As a result, students show dramatic improvement in their drawing abilities, expand their art vocabulary and art history knowledge, demonstrate patience, discipline and focus, and improve their attention to detail and sequencing skills.

Now is the perfect time to enroll your elementary student into a Young Rembrandts class. Back to school is in full swing as we present a bountiful selection of drawings that introduces our students to a fascinating world of color, pattern, and design.

You can reach us at 562-760-7653 for any and all questions you may have. Have a great, art-filled day!!

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