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Young Rembrandts - Wichita, Kansas

Come Draw With Us!

The Power of Drawing

Drawing is the fundamental skill of the visual arts that can - and should - be learned by all children.

Young Rembrandts teaches the drawing skills children need while developing learning skills that give children an academic advantage in the classroom.

Young Rembrandts is the original and most recognized before / after-school drawing program.   Now for your convenience, our new web based enrollment allows you to  create your family account to use throughout the year.   

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Creative skills can and should be learned.  Encourage your elementary student’s enthusiasm for art and help develop their drawing skills with a Young Rembrandts drawing class. As we enter the months of November and December, we will present a variety of stellar lessons. The vibrant colors and intricate design of our patterned lion drawing will engage students and your heart will melt once you see the adorable Dalmatian your student will create. Your student will learn important artistic themes and concepts in our art history lessons. All this and more awaits your child in the Young Rembrandts classroom! Click here to save a seat for your child.

This coming year 40,000 children each week will benefit from their after-school art class being offered in thousands of schools nation-wide.  We hope you will join this movement for more art for children.  Bring Young Rembrandts after-school art and drawing curriculum to your school and receive 50% off of your child's first session.

Young Rembrandts is the afterschool art program with a difference. We extend learning and enhance your schools’ educational missions, while providing parents a safe environment for their children after school. Creativity is an essential partner to literacy, and there is a wide body of research that shows how comprehensive art programs correlate with improved academic performance and higher standardized test scores. Our drawing classes offer children the opportunity to develop skills, confidence and knowledge that improve their academic achievement in the classroom (observational skills, visual/spatial organizational skills, fine motor skills, innovative thinking skills, and more.)  Our programs facilitate individualized learning by tapping into visual, auditory and tactile/kinesthetic learning modalities. We foster engagement by offering child-friendly and relevant subject matter to spark students’ interest and increase knowledge retention. Our scholarship programs helps us to recruit students who may benefit most from our programs but may otherwise be financially unable to participate. All this programming is backed up with a teaching staff that has art, teaching and childcare experience to ensure we provide the highest-quality after-school program.  If there is a staff member interested in being a YR instructor we will train and pay them for each session taught.  

In-School Field Trip 

Young Rembrandts will draw a lesson with a class.  We will draw our regular lesson plan or a requested topic.    Please see the attached flyer for details.  Contact us 316-789-4968 to make arrangements.

Pre-K Drawing Group

Learning to draw basic shapes is a critical building block for every young learner. Our apple basket lesson will strengthen your child’s circle drawing skills. Learning about Native American culture will be the focus as our students draw a headdress and totem pole. If your child is a fan of nature and the great outdoors, he or she will love our birdfeeder drawing. A fun robot will excite your little one as they create a colorful character that is filled with personality. Contact Carla 316-789-4968 to arrange a drawing group for your child and friends.  THEY WILL LOVE IT!

Each Pre-K group will meet for  4  45 minute lessons.    Young Rembrandts introduces 10 vocabulary words each week, practicing fine motor and learning skills essential for school success.

What are the benefits of our program partnership?

In addition to our 25 + years of art education curriculum development  we provide trained and qualified instructors, online enrollment, and all materials and administration.  First Request scholarships are available for each location and session. Utilize the Contact tab to provide enrollment information. You will receive  confirmation if awarded.  Bring Young Rembrandts after-school program to your school and receive a 50% discount off of one session.  

Join Young Rembrandts session at any time (seats permitting) and only pay for the remaining classes in the session.

Young Rembrandts is a proven and nation-wide after-school art education partner.  You can count on us for  a new lesson every week, increasing fine-motor-skills, attention to detail, persistence, patience, and all fundamental art vocabulary.

Fall 1  (August 1 enrollment opens)

Fall 2  (October 1 enrollment opens)

Winter (December 1 enrollment opens)

Spring (March 1 enrollment opens)

Summer  Art Camps (April 1 enrollment opens)

Recreation Programs (Enrollment opens December 1 and August 1)

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