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Who We Are

Artoozie celebrates creativity, imagination, and a developing love of art. In a market that offers a place for every possible interest - we felt it was time to dedicate a space exclusively to the needs and interests of the young artist!

What We Do

We offer a unique collection of children's art supplies and accessories and creative learning toys that help to inspire and celebrate the artist in all children. Our goal is to nurture the 'whole' child through products and activities that foster both left and right brain development through art, imagination and creative play!


Over twenty years ago, early childhood education expert, Bette Fetter saw a need to take a formal approach to art education. The current approach to art education encouraged students to freely "explore" art - but offered no true structure or guidance. For Bette,this was not enough to develop true creative thinking skills, and did not begin to tap into the potential that art had as an educational tool.  With this notion- Young Rembrandts was born.

Young Rembrandts is a children's art enrichment program that uses a highly-proprietary step-by-step methodology to teach 3 ½ to 12 year-old children how to draw. In each week's new and engaging lesson, Young Rembrandts students are not only developing drawing skills and mastering artistic concepts, they are also enhancing their social, academic and problem solving skills - all while doing something they love. Young Rembrandts dispels the myth that children either ARE or ARE NOT artists - and teaches ALL children that when they think creatively - so much more is possible!

Why Artoozie

When trying to supplement the education that students received in the Young Rembrandts classroom with quality products to use at home, we found that most existing children's art products focused on the 'fun' factor of art. While the 'fun' in art is wonderful - after 20 years of using art to teach, we knew firsthand how much MORE art had to offer to the developing minds of children.

Artoozie serves the needs of parents and educators that are interested in utilizing the 'power' of art as a means of increasing learning skills, self-esteem, and independent thinking. Like our product in the classroom, our retail products reinforce the message that creativity is a skill that all children HAVE and should develop - and that developing skill-based creativity is critical for not only academic - but life-long success.

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The goal of Artoozie is to take the power that art has to teach - from the classroom to the home. Click here to order Artoozie products!

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