Young Rembrandts

The New Book by Bette Fetter

Being Visual: Raising a Generation of Innovative Thinkers


Increase your Visual Learner's Success in School

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The majority of our school population depends on its visual skills to learn. These visual-spatial, right-brain thinkers are not just the art kids, but our future scientists, engineers and mathematicians. Our visual students, however, are struggling in a test-heavy education system that favors left-brain linear thinkers.

For over 20 years, Young Rembrandts has helped tens of thousands of visual-spatial students reach their potential in the arts as well as the classroom. In Being Visual, Bette Fetter, the founder of Young Rembrandts, discusses strategies to increase your visual learner's success in school, identifying:

• Three key learning styles
• Effective writing strategies
• Visual needs of students with autism, ADD & dyslexia
• Visual study techniques

Fetter also presents a fresh case for art class as a critical must-have for students dependent on their visual skills to learn. Training in the technical skills of art provides tools for creative endeavors, while developing essential visual skills and learning abilities in all children.

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