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Young Rembrandts’ Mission

Celebrating 30 Years of Drawing!

We are honored to be celebrating our diamond anniversary with a collection of community partnership programs across a six-month celebration campaign. We’re focused on giving thanks to the individuals, families, organizations, teachers and towns that have welcomed us the last 30 years.

From January to June, each month will involve a different theme centering around the impact Young Rembrandts has had on its students, and our commitment to making a significant, positive contribution to its local community.

The events aim to give back to the community and celebrate both the past 30 years and the future of Young Rembrandts’ commitment to promoting positive cognitive and intellectual development in children through art and drawing. There will be teacher and student spotlights, as well as heartfelt thanks to the communities and schools that house Young Rembrandts’ classes.

The campaign’s themes include:

  • January – Classes will donate art supplies to local nonprofit organizations
  • February  Drawing events will invite public servants to classes to draw with students
  • March  Young Rembrandts will spotlight distinguished alumni
  • April  Students’ art work will be displayed at community-based art exhibitions
  • May  Young Rembrandts will honor local school administrators
  • June  Each day on social media Young Rembrandts will show different ways drawing positively impacts kids’ lives

Click below to see how we've impacted local communities during our campaign!

From our humble beginnings with just eight children around my kitchen table to today, Young Rembrandts continues to impact kids and their families in powerful ways and in 2018 we’re thanking everyone who has been part of turning Young Rembrandts into the most trusted childhood art enrichment program. We’ve never lost sight of what is most important – and that’s giving children a platform to grow. 

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