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Young Rembrandts Drawing Classes

COVID-19 Response

We serve kids ages 3.5 – 12, and we love to draw! When we first entered lock down in March, we thought we would see our kids in a few days. Our Founder and CEO, Bette Fetter, immediately started producing pre-recorded drawing lessons so that during that stressful time parents and kids could still have art. Then days turned to weeks and weeks into months, but Young Rembrandts isn’t cancelled, it just looks different!

Our artists and parents can now participate in online drawing classes - LIVE Online or On-Demand are both available. In-person classes are still available where dictated safe by local health officials and Young Rembrandts Franchisees are working to provide a fun, safe and healthy place for your child to draw.

Social Distancing
Wearing Masks
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As communities reopen centers for learning, such as K-12 schools and day camps, CDC offers recommendations to keep communities safe while resuming peer-to-peer learning and providing crucial support for parents and guardians returning to work. These recommendations depend on community monitoring to prevent COVID-19 from spreading. Based on CDC Interim Guidance for Schools and Day Camps and local public health authorities, Young Rembrandts will implement the following policies for in-person classes:

COVID-19 Response FAQs

  • Instructor will clean the tables and supplies with disinfectant at the end of each day. Chairs will be sprayed or wiped down with disinfectant at the end of each class.
  • Students should be provided their own drawing supplies for class that do not need to be shared with other students.
  • We cannot control all risks during our camps and classes. Parents will be required to sign a waiver indicating that they are aware of the potential risk of infection when allowing their children to participate in a group setting with other children.
  • We have trained our teachers and staff in these infection control practices.
  • While we can only be responsible for cleaning and disinfecting the classroom we use, the facilities at which we will conduct camps and classes have assured us that they are regularly disinfecting the facility.
  • We will limit group sizes and children will remain with the same group for the duration of the class session.
  • Social distancing will be practiced by providing each child with their own table or work area 6 feet apart from other students. Children will be required to stay in their assigned seats for the duration of the class or camp.
  • Our teachers will practice social distancing and will limit direct contact with parents as much as possible.
  • Parents are asked to practice social distancing when dropping off and picking up their child. Parents will drop their child off at the entrance to the building and will not linger. 
  • We will teach and reinforce use of cloth face coverings among all staff. Face coverings are essential in times when physical distancing is not possible. Children will be required to wear mask if required by local or state orders or if required by the facility where the class is conducted. 
  • Staff will frequently remind the students not to touch their face and to wash their hands
  • In addition to disinfectant products used by the teachers, we will have on hand adequate supplies to support healthy hygiene behaviors, including soap, hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol (for staff and older children who can safely use hand sanitizer), and tissues.
  • Parents will be required to take their child’s temperature before dropping them off at the class or camp location. If they have a temperature above 100F, they should not attend the class.  Sick children stay home and not attend class.
  • Teachers will be required to stay home if they are sick. Staff will be required to take their temperature upon arrival at the camp location. Staff with a temperature above 100F will be sent home.
  • We have a specific plan in place in the event that one of the children in the class or a teacher starts having symptoms or feels sick while attending the class or camp.
  • Our staff members will be advised not to return to teaching after an illness until they have met CDC criteria to discontinue home isolation. Children will not return to class after illness (or illness in their immediate family) until CDC criteria has been met
  • Staff and children exposed to a person with COVID-19 must stay home and self-monitor for symptoms, and to follow CDC guidance if symptoms develop. We will endeavor to provide options for virtual learning.
  • Parents must immediately notify us if their child or a member of their immediate family tests positive for COVID-19. This information will be communicated to staff and parents of the other students without divulging confidential information.
  • We will immediately notify all parents of students if someone to which they have been exposed in attending a class or camp has tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Public health authorities will be notified as required.

I hope Young Rembrandts will be offered again next school year. My daughter loved the program and I was thrilled with what she brought home. She has always loved art but it seems the program was able to give her the foundation she needed to build on. Thank you.

- Liz North Carolina Parent

My family and I have been SO pleased with the work she brings home from Young Rembrandts. The bird houses really look like bird houses and the snow men have personality! Thank you very much for a totally positive experience. I would definitely recommend your program to others.

- Margaret Illinois Parent

Daniel loves the class!!!! We love the fact that he is learning different techniques. He and his Dad are very artistic. Of course, Daniel still has to learn perspective, etc., but he we think he does pretty well on his own.

- Suzanne Texas Parent

I am thrilled that the Young Rembrandts program is now being offered in the Cleveland area. We were involved in the program in Westerville, OH and my son LOVED the class. He enjoyed the teachers and embraced their instruction. I was so impressed with the work he brought home and the pride that he illustrated in presenting it to us. We are excited to be a part of the Young Rembrandts program here in Cleveland, where I know my son will continue to thrive in this form of art education.

- Jenn Ohio Parent

The day after my son's first Young Rembrandts' class (on a Thursday), he said -When do I go to Young ‘Brandts again, mom? -It’s every Wednesday, Honey. -Oh. I wish it was every Wednesday AND every Thursday. He wanted to go again the next day so badly.

- Tamara Illinois Parent

The Young Rembrandts art program was a worthwhile experience for my son. Even after the first day, he was able to see progress in his drawing and be proud of the result. It was a week of confidence building through learning to master basic art techniques--all in a fun and supportive atmosphere. He especially loved learning to draw the cartoon animals. We look forward to participating in another class with Young Rembrandts.

Dottie B Ohio Parent

My son just finished taking your Anime class through Fleming Island Plantation. To say he loved it would be an understatement. It's the most animated (no pun intended) we've seen him in weeks.

- Melissa C. Florida Parent

My daughter Serena participated in your princess summer art workshop. Even though, she was a bit 'under the weather' during the class, I can see a vast improvement in her drawing and coloring skills. I am amazed at the interest she now takes in 'art'. Before the class, she rarely colored or drew and if she did, it would be for just a few minutes at a time. Now, she will sit and work on her pictures for extended periods of time.

- Andrea Pennsylvania Parent

In Kindergarten Matt never wanted to draw. Now it is all he wants to do! Thank you so much for inspiring him!

- Jill Illinois Parent

I want to thank YOU for having such an awesome program! We all think it is great and the kids are flourishing! I surely found what I was looking for... the other day my son took one of his cars, laid it on it's side and step by step, drew it. I was so impressed. He said I just kept looking at it, and drew it piece by piece! Yeah!

- Susan California Parent

Thank you for offering this course. This course is helping my son in so many ways. He receives occupational therapy and we have seen improvements since he began. His therapist told me this class really helps people with fine motor deficiencies. I am really enjoying the art work and the teacher is wonderful. Thanks again.

- Debbie, California Parent

June has loved your class. It was fantastic. We have seen a remarkable advancement to her drawing and especially her attention to detail in everything she encounters. Thanks for all your hard work.

- Victoria H., Parent

Young Rembrandts Develops the Whole Child

We Do More Than Just Draw

Intellectual Development

Drawing with Young Rembrandts develops the whole brain by combining the three learning styles that children use to learn effectively. Therefore, Young Rembrandts students develop learning skills in ways intense academic classes cannot teach.

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Fine Motor Skills

Young Rembrandts students make huge advances in their fine motor skills every week. Harnessing these skills is imperative for young learners to excel in traditional education settings. When fine motor skills increase, the hands can finally do what the mind can conceive.

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Creative Outlet

Art provides children a place and way to share themselves, to show what’s on their mind and illustrate their ideas.

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Academic Performance

Young Rembrandts drawing classes stimulate and develop the right side of the brain through art. These weekly drawing classes offer child-friendly and relevant subject matter to spark interest and increase knowledge retention, never losing sight that children learn best when they are engaged and entertained.

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Social Development

Art allows children to get in touch with their emotions, to express themselves, understand others, reflect on their work and learn from their mistakes. Not all children have the opportunity or desire to experience the social aspect of team sports. In the Young Rembrandts classroom, all kids can do and excel at a solitary activity while belonging and building those relationships in a “team-like” environment.

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Out of the Box Thinking

Art helps children learn to think for themselves, consider multiple viewpoints and explore a range of possibilities. In the Young Rembrandts classroom, students are encouraged to see things in a different way and thinking creatively. Mastering this type of thinking is essential to who children are and their future social and academic success.

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