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Rebecca Farrell and Robin Tucker

Rebecca Farrell and Robin Tucker
Thompsons Station, TN 37179

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Young Rembrandts - Middle Tennessee

Come Draw With Us!

The Power of Drawing

Drawing is the fundamental skill of the visual arts that can - and should - be learned by all children.

Young Rembrandts teaches the drawing skills children need while developing learning skills that give children an academic advantage in the classroom.






Summer Classes are here!

Summer lessons are ready, classrooms are being booked… are you ready to register? Young Rembrandts teaches drawing to children aged 3 ½ to 12. We intentionally teach relevant subjects to spark children’s interest and boost their memory skills. We believe EVERY child can learn to draw – and in Young Rembrandts, we’re showing them how.

 If you have yet to register, there still is time! 



Young Rembrandts is an award-winning art enrichment program that has given the power of drawing to thousands of young artists across the US and Canada! And now, we're excited to bring that power to the students of your communities. If you're looking for a  wonderful outlet for your young artists, look no further than a Young Rembrandts class in the Middle Tennessee area! 

What do we do?  In each week's new exciting (and kid-tested!) lesson, we use a step-by-step method that assures every student is a creative success. As we learn and use technical drawing skills, we discover that all complex objects can be broken down into familiar shapes; then use problem-solving skills, innovation, and imagination to put them all together into eye-popping masterpieces! All drawn by the student!

   See Why We Do What We Do!


We invite you to look at the wonderful things happening here. Since we opened our business, the children and families in our community have benefited from this unique curriculum for teaching children how to draw.

Take a look at the wonderful artwork these young artists are doing! Best of all, while they learn using Young Rembrandts' copyrighted technique, each child is acquiring skills in concentration, fine motor coordination, visual, spatial and perceptual acuity, and so much more. Learning to draw with Young Rembrandts step-by-step method offers the joy of artistic achievement.

Find us on Facebook for updates about our classes and to view our wonderful student artwork.

See how one student's drawing comes to life!


People are talking about our program:

"I just signed Kale up for the classes for the spring, because he has enjoyed the past weeks so much!! We are so excited that it doesn't have to end yet! Yay!"-Moore Elementary – Franklin, TN

"I really appreciate you all and she loves the class!!" – HG Hill Parent- Nashville, TN

"I cannot say enough good things about this company. My 7-year-old loves taking these art classes and has learned so much. I highly recommend them!!" -Jamie W. from Maury County Spring Hill

"We were at a painting class in Spring Hill with "Susan" (I don't know her full name), and the moms were talking about the kids learning to draw and loving art. The other mom asked where he was learning, and she said Young Rembrandts. She went on to say they really liked it there and the kid was learning a lot and loved the teacher. The teacher was patient and encouraging." -Libbi Spring Hill 

"My daughter takes your classes at Marvin Wright Elementary and she looks forward to them every single week! Thank you so much for holding these classes right after school! It helps working, single moms so so much!" -Marvin Wright Elementary Parent

"Maxine loved the class yesterday! She came home telling me that she had made a picture of Martin Luther King." 

-Franklin Elementary parent

“They had such a great time in your art class that they are signed up to participate again. -Spring Hill Elementary parent

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