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Young Rembrandts - North Dallas, Texas

Come Draw With Us!

The Power of Drawing

Drawing is the fundamental skill of the visual arts that can - and should - be learned by all children.

Young Rembrandts teaches the drawing skills children need while developing learning skills that give children an academic advantage in the classroom.




Winter is upon us and that means a whole new series of classes are here! Looking to keep your kiddos entertained and educated throughout the winter months, look no further than a Young Rembrandts class in the North Dallas area!


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are classes held at my child's school or at your location?

Our trained and qualified art teacher will come to your child's school once a week and teach the one-hour class.

2.  What supplies will my child need?

All supplies are provided.

3. What type of art will my child be doing?

Young Rembrandts is a drawing-based class.  Your child will draw and color one lesson each week.  Our media is color pencils, markers, and sharpies.  No need to wait for the art to dry.

4. How do you teach the lessons?

We are the only after-school art enrichment program that teaches art, using a methodology specifically designed to improve student perception, visualization and organizational skills.

 At Young Rembrandts we teach children to draw - the fundamental skill of all visual arts - using a sequential, ordered process. As a result, students show dramatic improvement in their drawing abilities, expand their art vocabulary and art history knowledge, demonstrate patience, discipline and focus, and improve their attention to detail and sequencing skills.

 5. My child has taken Young Rembrandts before, will this class be different?

Our classes maintain a similar structure, but our lessons are always new.  We repeat concepts, but we have five years of lessons, so your child will always have a fresh subject to draw.


What Parents are Saying…

  •  "You guys are awesome!  My kids LOVE your classes." Mathews Elementary Parent (Plano ISD)
  • "My child loves the class and her drawing has improved considerably."  Watson MST Parent (Garland ISD)
  • "My daughter loved it. She is very happy with what and how she is learning."  Mathews Elementary Parent (Plano ISD)
  • "My son loves it …. He looks forward to going to class each Thursday."  Smith Elementary Parent (Wylie ISD)
  • "[My child's] pictures are just terrific.  I am thrilled with the program. "  Jackson Elementary Parent (Plano ISD)


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