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Young Rembrandts - Northern Kentucky and Southwest Ohio

Come Draw With Us!

The Power of Drawing

Drawing is the fundamental skill of the visual arts that can - and should - be learned by all children.

Young Rembrandts teaches the drawing skills children need while developing learning skills that give children an academic advantage in the classroom.

Experience the Power of Drawing with Young Rembrandts.


Summer Camps are here!

Energize your child's summer with Young Rembrandts!  In our camps, students will complete imaginative drawings, learn true artistic techniques and gain fun learning skills that will awaken their creative thinking!

Avoid learning loss and promote creativity! 

Come draw with us!


CLICK TO VIEW CAMPS IN SOUTHWEST OHIO (right across the river)



 We hope your child can join us for one of our amazing summer drawing camps!

This summer our camps include:



Sweep away summer boredom and have fun with Young Rembrandts. Young Rembrandts provides an engaging, creative environment where your child will learn how to draw and strengthen his or her skills.  Lizards in the desert, jaguars in the rainforest and colorful seahorses in the sea are just a few of the illustrations we will draw as we travel from desert to sea. A brightly-colored world of inspiration is at your little artist’s fingertips. Enroll your child today!



Why sit in front of the TV and watch cartoons when you can draw amazing characters and awesome scenes of your very own? Our students will create dazzling illustrations that are influenced by popular Japanese anime and manga themes. Colorful characters with expressive personalities jump off of the page. Don’t miss out on an exciting opportunity to produce wonderful artwork. Sign up today!


Horses are not only graceful and majestic animals, but they are also excellent subjects to draw and color.  Our students will learn how to draw horses of all shapes, sizes, and styles. We use different media to create colorful compositions which help our students strengthen their coloring skills. Challenging drawings reward our students with a greater sense of accomplishment. Enroll today!


Get ready for summer as your child travels back in time to the land of Dinosaurs and the dinosaurs travel to our time. What would happen if they lived today? Young Rembrandts provides a wonderful opportunity for your child to discover and develop his or her drawing abilities. Lessons include a T-Rex, baby dinosaurs, funny cartoon illustrations of dinosaurs, and much more.



The summer excitement has just begun as Young Rembrandts gets up close and personal with everyone’s favorite family member, the household pet. A bird, a horse, a detailed image of a cat, ant farms, a trip to the groomers and fun on the teeter totter are just some of the drawings our students will illustrate.  Enroll your child today!



Calling all artists, scientists, engineers, and math lovers! Join us as we explore the fascinating world of STEAM! We dive into a new discipline every day so that all children learn their possibilities. Students will illustrate different types of Sciences, new Technologies, incredible feats of Engineering and striking Math principles - all while creating crazy awesome drawings.


TOY TIME CAMP (ages 6-13)

This summer, popular, iconic toys are brought to life with expressive faces and fun personalities. Our students will learn how to draw different expressions that convey basic emotions, like anger, sadness, and happiness.  Your child will learn to draw different and unique cartoon characters with a toy theme. Lessons include a surprised barbie, a happy cowboy and climbing soldiers.

  COLORFUL CRITTERS CAMP  *pastels* (ages 7-13)

Animal lovers rejoice with our all pastels camp!  Students will learn pastel drawing and texturing techniques to illustrate whimsical bees, a fanciful army of frogs, a striking owl and other artistic critters filled with detail. Challenge your creative kids by introducing them to the world of pastels, a guaranteed favorite summer tradition for every Young Rembrandts artist. Enroll now!



2019 - 2020 School Year

We are scheduling classes for next school year! If we do not currently offer a class in your school, find out how easy it is to bring our award-winning, skill-enhancing, and affordable program to your school by contacting Debbie at (513) 779-5858 or

Click here to watch a 2-minute video from one superintendent talk about his experience with Young Rembrandts.



1) Drawing is the foundation of the visual arts.

2) Drawing ignites kids' imaginations and creativity, helping them to explore and understand the world around them.

3) Drawing helps kids develop their fine motor skills, increases their focus and attention to detail, and builds many other skills that contribute to their success in the classroom.

4) Drawing is hugely important to help visual learners think and express their thoughts.

5) Drawing is FUN! 


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DO YOU HOMESCHOOL IN THE NORTHERN KENTUCKY and SOUTHWEST OHIO AREA?  Call us at (513) 779-5858 to find out more about setting up a homeschool drawing program.

DID YOU KNOW? -Young Rembrandts believes that ALL children need art in their lives, regardless of their economic or other circumstances. If you manage a grant program for your school and want to learn more about bringing the value of Young Rembrandts to your school's students, contact us at (513) 779-5858 to get started.

YOUNG REMBRANDTS PARTNERS - Young Rembrandts Northern Kentucky and Southwest Ohio is proud to partner with many schools and community centers in the local communities to offer our outstanding drawing program for children. Click here for a list of our current partners.

To learn more about how Young Rembrandts can partner with your organization or business, please contact Debbie Welker at



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