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Young Rembrandts currently teaches weekly drawing classes to thousands of students across the nation.
We encourage your child and the students at your school to join us in exploring the world of art.

There are 2 ways to enroll your child.

1. Online. Choose the class you are interested in below. 

2. By Phone.  Call (513) 779-5858.  We will enroll your child for you.

Even though classes may currently be in session, we still may have a seat available for your child!

Class minimum is 6 students.  Unfortunately, our classes may be canceled if we do not have 6 students in a class.

Class maximum is 20 students per class.

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Thank you for your interest in Young Rembrandts.

For more information about programs in your area,
please contact the local Area Franchisee.

We’d love to hear from you!

Debbie Welker
Northern Kentucky & Southwest Ohio
Cincinnati, OH, KY 45255
Phone: 513-779-5858
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