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Young Rembrandts - York District, Ontario

Come Draw With Us!

The Power of Drawing

Drawing is the fundamental skill of the visual arts that can - and should - be learned by all children.

Young Rembrandts teaches the drawing skills children need while developing learning skills that give children an academic advantage in the classroom.

Summer Classes are here!

Summer lessons are ready, classrooms are being booked… are you ready to register? Young Rembrandts teaches drawing to children aged 3 ½ to 12. We intentionally teach relevant subjects to spark children’s interest and boost their memory skills. We believe EVERY child can learn to draw – and in Young Rembrandts, we’re showing them how.

 If you have yet to register, there still is time! 





Children need art. Research points to a strong correlation between involvement in the arts and achievement in the classroom.

Art is powerful. Unleashing that power in young people begins with drawing, the fundamental skills of all visual arts.

Young Rembrandts offers children a world of opportunity to develop skills, confidence and knowledge. Participating in Young Rembrandts provides children with a comprehensive art literacy that serves them well, not just at the drawing table, but in school and on into adulthood.

Whether you are a parent, principal, program director, or teacher candidate, we invite you to choose Young Rembrandts - the enrichment program that delivers an academic advantage.

Bring our award winning, skill-enhancing, and affordable program to your school by contacting  

Phone: 416-907-4467


Join us today and discover THE POWER OF DRAWING!




"The Young Rembrandts program has been a wonderful vehicle for my son's creativity and he has really blossomed with this class!  I would highly recommend this art program to anyone with children wanting to learn how to draw.  Since my son started drawing with Young Rembrandts, it has become his favourite activity!" - Michelle G. 

"My daughter enjoys Young Rembrandts a lot. She has been taking the program for 2 years now. Our family room is decorated with her beautiful artwork ." -  Iris' mom

"Since my son enrolled in Young Rembrandts class at his school, we can see the big progress he made. He really enjoys the class. Every time when he brought back his drawing paper, his younger sister always cheer with them and hang them on the wall by herself." -  Jing Z.

"My daughter has been in the Young Rembrandts' art program several years now and still loves it."-Julie.

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