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Young Rembrandts SE Phoenix

Young Rembrandts offers art classes for kids. Local drawing lessons are available after school in Chandler, Tempe, Phoenix and Mesa. Our preschool drawing, elementary drawing and cartoon drawing classes complement and expand existing art programs in local Maricopa County schools. Young Rembrandts provides all materials, top-quality instructors and curriculum for weekly drawing classes. Our classes are built to be fun, but children who participate in Young Rembrandts local art classes increase overall academic skills, fine motor skills, social skills and confidence.

We look forward to seeing your child in January!

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To enroll your child in a class: (1) Click on the link for the appropriate season of classes. (2) Classes will be listed in alphabetical order by school district and then school. (3) To register, click on the + icon to expand the correct class. (4) Click on the blue icon under 'Session' to register with Young Rembrandts directly or click on the gray box under 'Session' to register on the appropriate school district's website.

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