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Young Rembrandts Austin West

Young Rembrandts offers art classes for kids. We bring in-person, online on-demand and virtual, live interactive drawing classes to your children! Local drawing lessons are available after school throughout the greater Austin area, including Austin, Cedar Park, Dripping Springs, northern Hays County, Lakeway, Pflugerville, Round Rock and Westlake. Our classes are built to be fun, but children who participate in local Young Rembrandts drawing classes increase academic skills, fine motor skills, social skills, hand and eye coordination and confidence. Young Rembrandts is a great activity for young kids looking for fall and spring activities. We partner together with your local schools and community centers to bring you easy afterschool clubs and activities.  

FALL Classes Now Open for Registration!

Do. Art. Draw with Young Rembrandts.

Young Rembrandts Develops the Whole Child

We Do More Than Just Draw

Intellectual Development

Drawing with Young Rembrandts develops the whole brain by combining the three learning styles that children use to learn effectively. Therefore, Young Rembrandts students develop learning skills in ways intense academic classes cannot teach.

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Fine Motor Skills

Young Rembrandts students make huge advances in their fine motor skills every week. Harnessing these skills is imperative for young learners to excel in traditional education settings. When fine motor skills increase, the hands can finally do what the mind can conceive.

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Creative Outlet

Art provides children a place and way to share themselves, to show what’s on their mind and illustrate their ideas.

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Academic Performance

Young Rembrandts drawing classes stimulate and develop the right side of the brain through art. These weekly drawing classes offer child-friendly and relevant subject matter to spark interest and increase knowledge retention, never losing sight that children learn best when they are engaged and entertained.

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Social Development

Art allows children to get in touch with their emotions, to express themselves, understand others, reflect on their work and learn from their mistakes. Not all children have the opportunity or desire to experience the social aspect of team sports. In the Young Rembrandts classroom, all kids can do and excel at a solitary activity while belonging and building those relationships in a “team-like” environment.

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Out of the Box Thinking

Art helps children learn to think for themselves, consider multiple viewpoints and explore a range of possibilities. In the Young Rembrandts classroom, students are encouraged to see things in a different way and thinking creatively. Mastering this type of thinking is essential to who children are and their future social and academic success.

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A Non-Profit Organization Supporting Arts Education

Supporting Member of Brilliant Arts

Drawing Classes Just For Kids

Our Curriculum

Young Rembrandts was created to be fun.

Our drawing classes offer child-friendly and relevant subject matter to spark interest and increase knowledge retention. Through the process of weekly instruction Young Rembrandts students are exposed to a wide variety of subject matter, artistic concepts, art history and mastery of their materials.

Elementary Drawing

Young Rembrandts’ elementary drawing teaches children to break complex objects into foundational shapes. As they learn how to deconstruct and reconstruct images, the experience, repetition, and variety of engaging and relevant subject matter bring them to increased levels of mastery in drawing - and in life.

Cartoon Drawing

Young Rembrandts cartooning classes follow our same quality, step-by-step method, with the added fun and excitement of cartooning. While cartooning is fun, playful, and engaging, children gain mastery in a unique drawing style and improve their core learning skills.

Preschool Drawing

Young children gather, collect and process more stimuli in the preschool years than at any other time in their development. Young Remmbrandts prepares their brains for more advanced learning. It is fun, encouraging, and will maximize development, to better prepare them as learners.

Drawing On-Demand

On-demand drawing classes are perfect for families that want a freeform schedule. Register today and get a set of 60-minute classes to enjoy when it's convenient for you.

Themed Workshops

Community centers, summer schools, and summer camps provide the perfect setting for our Young Rembrandts' workshops. Your child will improve core learning skills while delving into a favorite subject matter. Young Rembrandts' workshops range in themes and vary in length from 3 to 5 days. Contact us for a complete list of offerings near you!

Young Rembrandts teachers are professional and punctual. Class structure is engaging and fun. Our students love these classes!

Eanes ISD Community Education

Our kids loved having this program on campus. We are advocating to have more classes next year.

Magnolia Montessori for All

We think this program you have built is an excellent way to get kids interested in art and what they can do themselves. Great job all around. Keep up the good work. We loved having you.

Lago Vista Public Library

Thanks for the great art lessons. [Our daughter] had a great time and her beautiful pictures are displayed on our refrigerator.

River Place Elementary parent

I just wanted to let you know that our son really enjoyed the class and I appreciate the tangible art skills that were worked on and evident in the class. I really think it improved his sense of perspective and skills, which is great for a 6 year old. We will certainly sign him up for another round of classes.

Patton Elementary parent

[My daughter] loves your class and tells me that she is going to do it until she goes to middle school 😀

Hill Elementary parent

[My daughter’s] favorite day of the week is Wed because of ART ❤. She says she’s going to Paris to be an artist.

Boone Elementary parent

Our daughter really looks forward to her Young Rembrandt sessions and feels inspired to continue drawing at home. She has been in 3 sessions now and continues to be excited about going. The staff have always been very professional and encouraging. A very nice approach to engaging young minds in the world of art. Thank you!


My daughter loved the drawing class so much! When that was over, we signed her up for the cartooning class. She enjoyed that one just as much! I highly recommend them!


My daughter enjoyed the class so much we signed up for two more!! my daughter enjoyed the class so much we signed up for two more.


Our son loved his super creative drawings and caricatures sessions with Young Rembrandts. He attended two courses so far and learned new skills there. We are looking forward to enrolling him again in fall. They have excellent teachers and fun program that expands children artistic skills and builds their creativity


My daughter has been enjoying Young Rembrandts for two years and always looks forward to her Art days!!! Her teacher has been so amazing and supportive. My daughter is always so proud of her products!


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